What we want vs. What the Society wants for us



As we grow, we are exposed to so many things and therefore, have learned to dream. However, if you have noticed, the older we get, the more blurry these dreams are becoming. I guess it’s all what reality taught us — that not all dreams are meant to come true. This is not true. What do you call those people who are just  happy with what they’re doing. I believe that they have attained the dream that they dream because most of us will lean on doing what the society wants us to be.

Social expectations can shape our identity in so many ways. Sometimes it is hard to get out of the zone but eventually, we will have to or else, living for ourselves will never be an option. In the end, if we follow what they want us to be, then who will lose? Us. If we ourselves are incapable of easily identifying of who we are and who we want to be, what more can they do to help us. These are quotes to help you deal with them.

— Appearance: “If you feel good, then you look good.”

It is never about what brand you wear or what size you wear or what trend you are following, it is all about what we are comfortable in wearing and how we want to be seen. The society does not dictate what we have to look like nor do they have the right to say who is fashionable and who is not. Back to the whole purpose of creating my blog is to point out that we all have different perspectives. If we wear what we think the society will want us to wear, I just want to assure you that not everyone will agree so might as well follow your own fashion. I have noticed how I (and probably most people) admire those who have learned how to carry themselves in whatever they have. Confidence is the key.

— Aspirations: “The hardest part is not to fail, but to regret of not even trying.” —

My mother has taught me so many things and one of them is that there is nothing wrong if you try. This may be one of the most valued lessons that I learned to apply every time I am faced with an opportunity. Confidence used to be my big problem, but I witnessed myself growing everyday as I conquer my fears.The society’s well-appreciated careers are doctors, engineers, and lawyers; however, this does not mean that we all have to be those people. If you want to be, then no problem, that is great for you! If you do not want to be, then it is also no problem, that is still great for you because then, you’ll be going for what you will be happy with.

There should also be practicality with how you choose by actually allotting time to research how that career will be valued in five to ten to twenty years, how your life will be if you have taken that path, how that can reflect your interests and passion, and last but not the least, why you have chosen that career in the first place. The latter is the most important because as the famous quote goes “the moment you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long” <– this will keep you motivated in believing in yourself and the choice that you have made. And remember, contentment is the key. We tend to want to achieve so many things, so rather focus on the ones you find most important to you and your values and fight for them. 

— Identity: “You are who you are.” —

Personality is completely different from attitude. Personality is something you are born with and attitude is something that was influenced by your environment, peers, or experiences. Personality cannot be changed but attitude can certainly be managed. The more you become yourself, the easier it is to understand the world and the world to understand you. Don’t be afraid, be yourself, be vulnerable. 



3 thoughts on “What we want vs. What the Society wants for us

  1. Wow. This is an excellent piece of writing. Cheers to you!
    I really enjoyed reading your post, Chriscelle. It’s very well-written and mentally-provoking. I like that you incorporated some of your personal experiences to back up your main points. Love this! Keep on writing & I will keep on reading. Well done!

    Jhobell Kristyl

    • Jhobell, thank you for the comment. (: You have truly motivated me to write more posts. It’s great to hear that someone appreciates my perspective on some aspects of life, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts as well.
      Your blog is nevertheless one of the bests I’ve seen, keep it up and good luck on your 365-day challege.

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