What is Happiness?


We all have different perceptions on what happiness is and what are those things that can bring us happiness. This may be quite a big question to cover in just one blog post, so I just want to discuss the bigger picture where I have observed as to how happiness is measured.. in my observations and my perspective.

Fame & Power
          These are the most common things people seek to achieve in order to experience the happiness that they have been looking for. However, can these really satisfy that hunger? It can for a while, but at some point, it will stop providing their “happiness”. The saying goes “with greater power comes greater responsibility” and that is the reason that it is so much easier to fall the higher you go to that ladder. Some may have the strength to cope and probably, just naturally gifted to climb so fast. However, some of us may have thought how lucky these people are, but honestly, they will have to sacrifice so many things and one of them is privacy.. when they reach the top. If you are one of the people who is able to muster the courage to reach this sense of accomplishment, then why not, right? It’s all about you and your capabilities. But if you are the person who just wants the happiness this can possibly entitle you, then I suggest that you stay low and look for another way. Why? When you reach the top, you will start to expect how everything will fall in place when people acknowledge you and recognize you. Don’t bother.. because in the first place, you cannot please everyone. The best reason for wanting to reach those things will be all about being able to express yourself, not to make an impression, as one of my favorite quote goes.

            You might wonder why I did not include money with fame and power. Honestly, just recently, I realized how this did not belong with those intangible desires. Money, undoubtedly, can satisfy our needs and possibly, most of our wants. It is the source of almost all the tangible and intangible things in the world that we have always dreamed of — from all those technologies, to buying our own car to getting a house to paying for our education to playing sports to travelling around the world. All of these are basically things that we put in our bucket list. They are all great and wee, as humans, tend to rely on those things for our happiness to be fulfilled. However, we have to think that everything has a price where the logic is the more we work, the more money we have. But then, as we take too much time in working our way up to get that money, we have had already forgotten what we have wanted in the first place. You see, money is very powerful. It is dangerously powerful too when we work just for the money. Next thing we’ll know, we are already retired and realize that we had let money freeze the ocean where our ships are travelling towards their destinations. In short, have a goal at hand and never let money run your life.

Emotional Security
           In this world, there is no such thing as emotional security. Changes will occur day by day and the best way to live is by being flexible. Treat every turbulence as an added spice in your life. Fear and doubt may hinder you to go back where you stopped but understand that, you only live once to have too much regrets of not having to try those things that you’ve always wanted to try. (excluding the bad things that might harm you and and your health of course) As the saying goes, it is better to fail than to regret. If you have always wanted to go sky-diving but have too much work to do.. make sure that you allot a time for you to actually go sky-diving. This is just one example and I am sure that there are kabillion (if that’s even a word) more things that can be used in that situation. It is never wrong to go for your dreams and the best part is listing some things off your bucket list that has probably been there for years and years. Enjoy life as it is and do not let change scare you. You are the pilot of your airplane. You are the writer of your story. You are the engineer of your dream house. Let those pursuits motivate you to understand life and your purpose in it. It may cost some money, but better to use it than waste it when you get old and got nothing to do anymore. Happiness is just a few feet away for you, run for it.

            I just want to share the thought that the best things in the world are free, we are just too blinded by all the “bling”. Relationships, I believe, are the most precious of them all and the hardest to take care of. As I have matured, I learned to never take advantage of those people who already love us. By those people, I mean our family, our true-est friends, and of course, God. They are the ones that have never left our sides, but did we have enough time to thank them or even acknowledge their love for us? Sometimes, but not as much as we give attention to ourselves and to other people that we want to receive that same love. The world works that way, unfortunately. Our minds work that way too, unfortunately. However, our heart does not. “The heart is stronger than you think, like it can go through anything” (Just Stand Up, Various Artists) tells us that we usually underestimate the strength of our hearts. If only we could stop and go with its beat, then only we can realize that the greatest way to live is to cherish and treasure those people who have always been there for us.

**I can’t wait for my next post when I talk about the complexity of contentment so that I can elaborate more on relationships**
Hope you enjoyed! Please do not hesitate to share some thoughts/experiences. (:


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