Challenge accepted


Life may take you to a roller coaster ride and if you don’t go against it, you might just get lost and forget your very first purpose of being there, which is to HAVE FUN.

This year: 2014. We will be better, better than always, better than before and nothing should stop us. 2013 has definitely been one hell of a roller coaster for me and I think I rode too much roller coaster rides that I have to take a break this year. This year will be about me, what I want, and who I am.

By the way, my biggest dream that I mentioned in my last post was not accomplished because of certain reasons that I have yet to understand. It shook my drive and passion, that’s for sure.. but I truly understand that everything happens for a reason.

This year: 2014. I have always said that I am who I am but I just realized that I have been losing myself because of my desire to find myself. I was not able to take the courage to say no to the things that might lead me to the person I “should” be and forget the reason of why I do what I do. It’s frustrating but this year will be my year of pure self-discovery. 2013 was crazy enough to teach me the lessons I have always tried to understand.


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