Your Armor


When you hear the word ‘armor’, what first comes to your mind?

Probably, a soldier.. a brave soldier who is ready to fight in a battle or to protect himself from getting hurt. Either way, it says the same thing about what the soldier is about to do, which is to face a challenge. May it be big or small, it does not matter. Just the fact that he is wearing his armor, it can indicate that he has already decided to stay and push through with what he is about to do. We should be like the soldier.. scared but unafraid to face our fears. It is easier said than done, that is a definite yes! I myself am struggling to overcome my biggest fear of public speaking. Yes, I am telling you now that you are not alone when it comes to having that stuttering feeling every time you are in front of 20 or more people. Moreover, we all have our own differences; thus, having our own set of weaknesses, which is not strange at all.

—  Being open about what you fear the most can help you. The more you recognize your weaknesses, the more you are able to accept them and overcome them. Have a confidant or write a blog about it or list them all down.. that way you are able to track down your progress. Trust me, it is very very hard at first, sometimes it can be frustrating knowing that you have more than one weakness. However, that should not drag your confidence down rather it will keep your feet on the ground because you still have something to improve on. Nobody’s perfect anyway but that does not mean that we should not strive to become better people. Keep on learning more and more; you will be able to feel more satisfied once you get to learn something new about the world around you and about yourself.

—  A good army = a good company = a good result! Surround yourself with positive people. You wouldn’t want to have friends who keep reminding you of your past, your mistakes, and your insecurities all the time. You would want to have an honest company who tell you what they see in you and focus on helping you improve. (and vice versa)

— Confidence is not built through your material achievements rather it is through consistent exposure to your own fears. Imagine this: you know what your fears are, you recognize them, and you accept them but you don’t allot enough time to slowly overcome them. What will happen to you? It’s like knowing your mistakes but you just keep repeating them because as what we usually say, “That’s just who I am.” Yes, we have our own personalities but when it comes to attitudes, we still have a chance to be better. To have a more productive and satisfying routine. Why not take the chance while you still have the time? Challenge yourself! You may end up crying at first.. out of frustration, fatigue, hopelessness, shame; however, those feeling should not bring you down rather trigger your drive to wear your armor and face the battle against the “labels” that were laid out for you by the society. Now, let me be clear and specific that this does not count when you are behaving immorally. This is a way of encouraging you of becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be.. hoping it would be a “better YOU”. Not like him or like her or anything else, but YOU. It is do-able and worth it! Gather up enough determination to consistently remind you to keep moving forward. Courage can bring you to many places. It did for me and so will for you.

After a year of being part of something so different, so diverse, and so challenging.. I can say that I have improved a lot! It is surprising to see what I have become. I got involved in a variety of things, some I didn’t really like and some I learned to love.. but you what’s most important? At least, now I know what I want and what I don’t want to be when I grow up. I still have a lot to experience and it just excites me knowing that there are more doors out there waiting to be opened. Here are some small tips I can give you (according to my own experiences) on how to step up the game.


1. Create your small and big goals for the year, each month, each week, and daily. You may find this overwhelming so you can start with year and daily first then from there make sure that you make the most out of what you have! Volunteer, get involved, find your passion and invest your time in them. Try & try! One door opens to limitless opportunities, never get tired of trying new things and developing yourself. Next thing you know, you’ll have a yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily lists! (what is exciting!)

2. Ask and you shall receive. Network and always meet new people. In today’s society, the best way to find the right job/career is through the people you know. This is not cheating because you still have to go through the process of application, interviews, and reference checking. What is just good about it is that at least you are given the chance to showcase who you are and you may or may not succeed at first but what matters the most is you get better and better at being able to tell them your significance. Attend networking events, workshops, and join organizations. Connect and have your own mentors to guide you along the way. 

3. This is the most important thing: find your drive! Why oh why, that is the question. Why are you doing what you’re doing. May it be to make your parents proud, be financially stable, reach your dreams, be happy, make the most out of your life, establish your own mark in this world, find a compatible partner, sustain a family, or other important things.. you have to find it because it/they will be the one/ones to keep you moving forward and achieving what you aim to achieve. When a soldier fights, I only see three things he is fighting for: his passion, his country’s pride, and his family’s wanting him to come back home safely. What is common among them? they are all HIS reasons to live and to finish the battle. That is why I want you to pick your own armor and get ready to face what life throws at you. It is not supposed to keep you away from you want rather it will help you become the person you are meant to be.. YOU.


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