Take a break my friend.


It’s this time of the year when people are getting so busy with almost and practically everything that they have from school to work to friends to family to any kind of relationship. For me, I am quite stressed out with my upcoming exams. There are two kinds of stress, the one that motivates and the other one that discourages you to do just about anything and everything. Now, I am in the middle ground and hopefully, I’ll be leaning towards the first one. Some thoughts just keep coming in my mind about the “what if’s” and I guess, it’s just mainly because there are too many things to know and remember. I am thinking too much again but really, I want to get a good grade not necessarily the highest one but the grade that I deserve for studying hard. However, we are then again just human beings so a little break or breaks will be great to balance both our priorities and our self. I have my own way of doing things and we may have something in similar or different or I will be able to introduce you to some other ways or what’s even better, you can give me some tips!

These are some things that I figured out along the way where they really helped me to refresh my head and stay calm.. and of course, get back to work & be productive!

1. Play an instrument
– Whether it be a piano, guitar, flute, harmonica, violin, or even a triangle! It does not really matter because for me, any instrument is magical. Every time I turn my piano (‘digital’ lol) on, I take at least an hour to play some pieces or well, just anything! If I’m inspired or motivated enough, I can even compose some songs. I was not really able to make some before because I was too pre-occupied and I guess, I did not have enough time to compose one. But you know what? i just realized that I wanted to and I will. And since I just do nothing but stare and think when I’m too stressed, why not make some music!

2. Write on a journal/notebook
–  I swear this helps BIG TIME mainly because I’m a person who is not really expressive with her words via face to face (but I’m learning :>because I want to not because I have to) so I tend to go back to writing or this \:)/ Putting my thoughts on paper or just words that I could see makes me carry less weight and in the end, becomes so much easier to concentrate afterwards. Who could have know, you might have had some feelings inside that you know of but did not really acknowledge. Go write them down and see how you’ll feel about it afterwards. (:

3. Exercise
– Go dance, jump, jog, swim, or go to the gym! This is very healthy and at the same time, you will be able to release some of the energy inside of you that’s pretty much stuck in there because well, you do not have the ‘time’ to shake it off. I myself go for a swim or to the gym. Before heading there is the hardest part, no doubt! I did not have the fire to do it as a routine but then what just comes in my head is that I have to or else, I’m stuck at home and well, with eating, sleeping, or studying. They seem productive stuff.. in a way? but those do not make me happy.. well, eating probably can but that’s bad if I turn to it as a stress reliever. -_- So I got my family to give me some motivation to do some exercise. Once I get out the door, the drive is there. Try it & feel the change. 😉

4. Talk to someone
– Just talk and talk and talk about what you’re stressed about just to lay off some weight on your shoulders. It sometimes works for me, but this is usually my last resort because as I’ve mentioned I’m not an expressive person. But who knows? People have different personalities so this might work for you. Talking to a friend or family or someone you trust can do some help because after being relieved, these people can also give you some advice or tips to calm you down and get going. Caution: take note of the time, buddy! It will be harder to get back if you take too much time ranting all the things that you are supposed to do but have not really started on anything. That will just add up the stress.

5. Do nothing
– Take 20 minutes off from your work and just do nothing. Stare out the window or just lie on your bed. This is not a counterproductive behaviour because there was no harm done.. it’s just a some minutes off to cool your mind. The best part is getting back because when I do this, my mind becomes clearer and thus, ready to take in more information!! #yay

Well, there is just one more thing but I have not done it ever in my life.. yet but I really plan to. It’s actually part of my bucket list. I have seen this in TV shows and some movies. Do you wanna guess? I think it will be something that you might have thought of as well but never have really done it. Okay, I really really want to go somewhere high on a cliff, rooftop, penthouse, or just anywhere where I can shout “AHHHHHHHHHHH” without a chance that some people will reprimand or get mad at me lol but you get what I mean. I just want to let all the negative feelings away! I guess you do too as well. 🙂 No worries, do not worry or think too much about the things that you are going through because from what I’ve mentioned in my previous post, if things are not going as smoothly right now, it only means that it’s gonna get better. I hope I was able to give you some things to do to be more collective in your thoughts and to have a peace of mind. Those are the two things that one needs in order to receive and input information. Other than that, try out the list and maybe make your own list as well. Good luck with everything, wordpressers!


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