Oh Pride.


^ why do I say that?

I have just observed how we identify ourselves with the things that we have accomplished, we have learned to label what we can do based on the achievements we have received. Sometimes, when we get to the position we have always wanted to be in.. we forget how hard we worked to get to that place, we forget the relationships we had along the way, and the worst part, there are times when we forget what values we had cherished & treasured before getting to that dream. We are just human beings and yes, we make mistakes. But wouldn’t it be better if we treated those mistakes as our stepping stone towards something better and not as a hindrance.

My brother mentioned a thought to me that pretty much challenged how I used to perceive things. Before, I would always think that the only way to become better is to by being numb to my fears like rejection (and treating it as something typical that happens every single time) That should not be the case! Life will be miserable if that attitude is implanted in our minds. Yes, rejection happens all the time but why does it happen? Sometimes, it’s not always because people do not understand us but maybe, just maybe, we are the ones who misunderstand. Maybe we are doing something wrong that keeps us getting rejected. Some factors may be the lack of commitment, over confidence (to the point when we forget what others are feeling), not walking the talk, and many more. What I’m trying to get at is that when we are facing problems and relationships, we must stay grounded.

I have a huge huge huge peeve on this topic and hopefully one day, I will be able to muster the confidence to share some thoughts. Moreover, it’s mainly because I have too much ideas on my head when it comes to dealing with PRIDE and I am having a hard time on starting and keeping the flow. I will draft and when I’m ready, I’ll be more than willing to share! (:


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