Keeping up with Time


When I migrated here last year, I thought winter was gonna be the same as the other seasons, except for the fact that it will be a whole lot colder. Moreover, there was more behind it. People have told me how winter could bring emotions into a hamster wheel. I was not sure how this was supposed to happen since I never really experienced winter ever in my life yet. Winter made me commit to this blog, considering I probably had 5 blog accounts before (starting when I was 12 years old) but never really continued to update them. #tywinter For winter, I was even excited that I will be able to throw snowballs, make a snowman, do a snow angel, and you know, all those things you see kids/people do on television.  Now that winter is already at its end, unfortunately, I was not able to do any of those. Not even one. I was too distracted with everything from school work, organization commitments, seasonal work time, personal goals, and distractions.

I just realized how my perception on time reflects how I treat my life. I see time as a threat and a weakness I have to improve on. I just feel that I don’t have enough time to accomplish my goals, to fulfill my dreams, and to check off the things I have in my bucket list. Honestly, I just have too many things in my list and maybe, just maybe, that is one of the reasons why I don’t appreciate time as much. Probably the same reason why I always look forward to what will happen and not what IS happening. Wanting to be jack of all trades can seem pretty amazing, but in reality, we are just people and the best way to live life is to align our interests in one path making sure that it won’t be too much because we would be lost. Too much of something is bad enough (Spice Girls). 

So, how can we keep up with time?

Do what you want to do and do it right.
This is practically one of the most important thing we have to remember when it comes to accomplishing tasks and our responsibilities. After attending a time management workshop the other day, I learned the difference between efficiency and effectivity.

Efficiency is doing something right
Effectivity is doing the right thing right

In this short life, we just don’t want to do things just because we have to. Instead, we should remind ourselves of our worth and know that our interests matter. We matter! It’s not selfish to pursue our dreams. In fact, it is being selfless. If we attain our dream, inspiration will flow through our surrounding. People will start to see their meaning and thus, will be more enthusiastic in sharing what they know. Effectivity is the right way!

Live in the NOW.
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and TODAY is a gift. This is probably the hardest behavior to practice. Knowing that there are too many things to be done and finished and reminding ourselves of our responsibilities, we tend to look how these would benefit us in the future instead of actually enjoying what it bring at the moment. This should not be the case, never. I have always been that person who gets excited of what will happen later and forget the importance and the thrill of what’s happening right now (which was something that I was thinking about a while ago as ‘later’) This way of thinking is critical in being able to find that satisfaction and contentment in life. Along that journey, it is not the destination that is important rather it is the steps toward that destination and the people we are with that matters the most.

Keep moving forward.
There are problems and that is one inevitable fact about life that we don’t have to think too much about. Life happens and well, nothing can stop time for us. In order to keep up with everything that is going on, we must learn to learn and move on. Distractions like fears, heartbreaks, and past experiences (bad) should not control our likes. You are the product of your past, not the prisoners of it. Don’t use your past as an excuse to doing what you want or in expressing yourself. Relationships matter but not to the point that our lives revolve around someone else’s. I don’t mean that we have to not care about others, but some times we just have to keep our individual senses so that we are able to avoid having breakdowns where we stop doing anything and not progress. Life is a cycle and we need to know that through those ups and downs, we must always remember to have fun and learn from our experiences.


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