Worldly Matters. -Carly Rae


Just a short reflection:

I’ve been listening to Carly Rae’s album for a year now, but I never really listened to the lyrics. However, after encountering a recent problem, I became more aware of the things around me. I guess emotions just help people to become more sensitive and conscious to their surroundings.

Anyway, the lyrics of this simple but really meaningful song just caught me red-handed because it actually captured my current situation where I have forgotten some of my personal priorities. Relationships, my friends, are the most important thing that you have to take care of second to your own career/future/success. It may difficult, that is for sure, but have you imagined climbing that ‘cedar tree’ to success just for our personal security and forgetting the people around you (especially those who matter the most), what will they feel? what would you feel if your own friends/family have done the same to you? Where is the love now.

As the chorus goes:
“Oh time don’t blind me, I am so sorry I’ve been swept up in my own concerns
And I know worldly matters, they just don’t matter at all.”

It is observed in reality that material things can label our identity and status in this world. But who are we to judge ourselves as how the world dictates us to be? No one know us more than ourselves. Don’t conform to the status quo, it is a trap you don’t want to be in. For me, the best way to succeed and be happy is to know our limitations when it comes to reaching our dreams while having our foot on the ground. Once you have lifted yourself up towards that dream, you can get lost and eventually forget who you are. There is nothing wrong in doing what you want to do; however, you must be aware of your values and your top priorities.


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