Same problems, Different approaches


These are just thoughts that came up in my mind while I was riding the bus going to school. 🙂

We are all the same. We experience similar kinds of problems in just different contexts. It all depends on how we face them and how we see them as either a tragedy that needs to be fixed or just a spice of life to learn from. After every huge breakdown, never forget to take a quality-based rest where you either write your feelings away, burn off those emotions, or simply find someone you trust the most and talk to them about all the things that is blocking your way from actually moving on with life. It’s better to release them than to keep them all inside.. because when reality hits us again, those will simply crawl their way up to your mind and heart. (not a good thing) Besides, we are just human beings and since ‘no man is an island.’ A good friend or a family will be the best company. 

Be vulnerable. Don’t be afraid of your weaknesses, be proud of them because without those,you would not have a reason to improve on yourself and to become a better person.

Love yourself. Life is unfair and difficult and that is undoubtedly true. However, in the end, it all goes to show how you manage to stick with your values and face your fears with great courage.

Go out of your comfort zone. You’ll later realize this was the best decision yet. Do what you gotta do and give your best. (: Just live your life. 

Just e-mail me away if you have any concerns and thoughts to share, because trust me, I’ll be more than willing to help and to understand what you’re going through. Life does not always give us a chance to become who we are, but always remember that we have a choice to do otherwise. 


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