Complexity of Contentment


Contentment has always been one of my problems and I believe, it is too to most people without them knowing that it actually is. Okay, let us put a more positive vibe into this topic because I don’t want to always put out the gloomy side of reality. I will rephrase my first sentence then.. Contentment has always been a concern for most of us without even realizing that it is. Contentment, for me, can be defined as a mere satisfaction with the things and people that we already have in our lives. I have discussed the measurements of happiness during my last post and now I realized that contentment in each of those aspects can also lead to happiness. If we are satisfied with the attention we are receiving, with the money we are earning, with the people who surrounds us, with our own achievements, and with the things that we already know, then we can actually gain true happiness. 

I had all my ideas laid out in my head last night before going to sleep, but I guess my fatigue won over my instinct to stand up and write all of them. Next time, I will push myself to actually do because it looked so amazing in my head. Anyway, let’s go back to this issue. When I was back in my home country, I used to finish my day with a swim and doing my assignments. My life was simple. I worked hard to get into a prestigious school and I worked hard to train everyday. and lived in an old house with my parents and grandparents. I may have had the typical problems about friends, school, and whatnot, but if you asked me if I was happy, I would say yes. I did not feel any weight that I had to carry everywhere I go because I was contented with what I had. However, you know, life loves to keep on changing lanes without putting up signal lights. It drove me crazy how people suddenly changed, how society suddenly changed, how I suddenly changed. As I grew up, I saw more things that I wanted for myself, traits that I wanted to see in people, and value I wanted to see in the things that I have. Maybe my environment did not change, maybe it is how I viewed my environment that changed.

Jolly kid I used to be without any worries and trust issues because I knew that everyone was good, everything that I saw was good. Nothing to be afraid of. But of course, that will probably be every person’s dream — to live in a world of peace and equality where people respect one another and don’t have to judge one person for what he has or for who he is. That is probably never the case in this reality. But I believe we can change this way of thinking.  


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