2013, here we come!


Hello 2013!

2012 has been by far one of the best years that I’ve had even if it was the most challenging, which is somehow the main reason why I really loved it. It gave me a whole different view of how the world works and how I should respond to it.

I have lived long enough in a shell where I thought everything was supposed to be laid out for us and if it wasn’t then it is not meant to be. This year taught me to get out of my comfort zone because if I don’t then nothing will happen to me. I had to be fearless.

I have always had a routine to attend to where there was not enough time to commit to other things. This year, I sacrificed my swimming and in return, I was able to join in a world-known organization, attend a leadership conference, experience working for the first time in a wonderful retail company, volunteer in a fun school activity, gain diverse friendships that I treasure,  commute by myself to almost everywhere and lastly enjoy the beauty of the city with my family. I became independent. 

These two are merely the two most important things I have learned and as I travel this unknown road, I will always keep in mind the words of Jack Dawson from Titanic, “You don’t know what hand you’re gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you… to make each day count.” Since life has always been unexpected, I hope it does not discourage you to keep on moving forward rather it will excite you for the surprises tomorrow will bring.

Happy New Year! #YOLO

P.S. Just a lovely picture of my favorite city so far. Do you wanna guess? ❤ I don’t live here by the way, I just had a trip last week with my family to this destination.

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Taken by me!


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